ART DAYS are mixed media art workshops for people who wish to come along and create their own art in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere.

On this blog site are examples of subjects we have used for inspiration, along with images of some of the work produced. Some of these are done by quite inexperienced artists.

Forthcoming programmes are also posted here and a few 'artists in action' shots.

The days are absorbing, we work hard and enjoy ourselves.
Think about coming along yourself.



We made large loose drawings from observing a variety of leaf shapes. We made use of a lot of overlapping and then used a view finder to select a really interesting area to develop in collage.
People worked in different ways to create their collages and for some there was an element of trial and error until they found a way of working which suited them.
Nobody in the group this time had much experience in this medium, and you can see from the pictures how much impact the finished pieces have.